Gogo Hackathon - Provided API's

Flight Information Services

Gogo's Flight Information Service provides access to various information about a flight based on either a tail number of the aircraft, or the flight number. Information provided includes:

  • Airline
  • Tail number
  • Flight number
  • Destination and Departure airports
  • GPS, Airspeed, Altitude

See the sample requests below and the documentation

Video Catalog

The video catalog is used for Gogo Vision, our in-flight entertainment product. The catalog has a lost of all available videos, their genre, description, and price. We provided the catalog for you in 3 different formats. See the links below to download the catalog.

Hosting an Application in the Cloud

Gogo utilizes many open source tools. If you are looking for a server to host your application, we recommend OpenShift, a community supported cloud service by Red Hat. It is free to use for up to 3 micro instances and is easy to set up. Checkout out the OpenShift Tutorial on how to set it up.

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